Locus Gear CP3 Trekking Poles Updated Review

Locus Gear CP3 - GG Grips

As promised, I am updating my review of the Locus Gear CP3 Poles after installing the Gossamer Gear Grips and taking them out on the trail for their maiden voyage.

Updated Weight

Installing the grips shaved 12g off the weight of the poles. They now come in at 297 grams. The original grips were just EVA Foam, so it is not surprising that the weight did not drop all that much. No big deal, as shaving weight was not the goal of the grip change. The Gossamer Gear grips continue to be my favorite, and I will at least attempt to install them on any pole I ever use. They are extremely comfortable, plenty durable, and fit my hands well.

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Locus Gear CP3 Trekking Poles – First Look

CP3 Poles Collapsed

I just got my hands on the new Locus Gear CP3 Trekking Poles. For those of you that have not heard of Locus Gear, they are an ultralight cottage manufacturer based in Japan.

I have been eyeing a set of trekking poles from Locus Gear for a few months now. They offer a flick-lock lock mechanism, at a weight that is closer to the Gossamer Gear LT4s, which have been my go-to poles for years. My goal is not necessarily to replace them, but to have a pole in my gear closet that is a bit more robust for off trail use, for pitching a shelter in nasty weather, and flick-locks for use in cold weather. I have found in the past that twist-lock mechanisms can fail to hold in weather at or below freezing.

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My Search for a Shoulder Season Shelter

Buried Hexamid

For the last three years, I have used some variation of the ZPacks Hexamid. As you may have read in my previous article, I started with a ZPacks Hexamid Twin. I then moved to another Twin with heavier cuben and a sewn in floor. Now, I am using a custom Hexamid Solo+, also with a sewn in floor.

As I stated in my Sierras 2013 Trip Report in the Gear List Review section, I am on the market for a more substantial shelter to use when the weather looks iffy. I am defining “iffy” as 20+ MPH winds, significant rain, or snow in the forecast. This may not be significant for many of my readers, but it is enough for me to bring something a little more bomber.

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Sierras 2013 – Trip Report

Above the Clouds

We are back!

Our Sierras 2013 trip has come and gone. It is always bitter sweet. I love getting home to see the family, but hate that my time out West will not come again for another 12 months. This year was another excellent trip, no doubt one of my favorites. It began with our annual drive across Death Valley, and culminated with a summit of Mt. Whitney. I will remember the summit of Mt. Whitney for the rest of my life. Planning for 2014 has already begun!

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Sierras 2013 – We Are Back!

Summit of Mt. Whitney - West View

We are back from our 7 day/6 night JMT section hike. As I told you previously, this would arguably be the highlight of our mult-year adventure. I have to say, that may hold true. The conditions shaped up perfectly, and we were able to summit Mt. Whitney.

During the ascent, there was definitely some doubt that it would be possible. A front moved in and buried much of the trail with snow. The climb was pretty icy, and we thought of turning back a couple of times. However, mid-morning the sun peeked through the clouds, and we had our window of opportunity. At 11:18am PST, we made it to the summit.

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Sierras 2013

Wanda Lake Sunset - September 2012

In three days I will be flying out to Vegas for a week-long John Muir Trail (JMT) Section hike. Every year a team of 4-6 of us get together in September to do a 6 night/7 day trip out West, so far we have chosen to hike in and around the John Muir Trail.

This will be my third year on the trip, some of the other guys have a few more years under their belts. The first year I joined up, we decided to section hike the JMT over the next several trips. The first year we did Onion Valley northbound to South Lake. The second year we did North Lake southbound to South Lake. This year we are doing Onion Valley southbound to summit Whitney, arguably the highlight of our multi-year adventure.

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